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Projects 2009

  1. Health programmes on ETV, replays of the programs can be watched at www.arst.ee and on Elion Digi TV leading Estonian doctors speak on different subjects as to how to avoid diseases, be healthy and restore health. Plus advice from experts and other people connected to health. – supported by the Gambling Tax Council.
  2. Heart Health project – prevention activities related to heart health and awareness of heart diseases and their prevention were supported with the project.
  3. April 2009 – discussions on the subjects of the health of Estonian people at Meditsiiniraamatukogu (Library of Medicine) with the journal Hippokrates. Evelin Ilves also participated.
  4. Improving the level of knowledge and skills of the use of e-environment services of medical staff – supported by RIA
    The aim of the project was to teach how to use general e-services, strong authentication methods (ID card and mobile ID) and digital signature. The more specific aim of the project is to educate and train medical staff and also people interested in health with regard to the use of authentication methods, digital signature and the e-services related thereto.

  5. The results of the project are available at https://www.arst.ee/et/ID-kaart
  6. Tervise Online - learning medium – supported by RIA
    Training environment on the internet aimed for patients and professional users (doctors).
  7. Television for the health of the young – supported by the Estonian Office of Youth in Action
    Television programs and podcasts on Youtube on the subjects and problems of sexual life aimed for young people.
  8. May 2009 – supporting the conference Women’s Health

    October 2009 – Idea competition How to Improve the Health of the People of Estonia? Prizes were awarded to Mai-Liis Karring for the idea that there should be light traffic roads designed in all settlements that would be safe and in good condition so the people could prefer bicycle to the cars.
    Sirje Salu’s idea concerned a regular health examination system that would provide the people who undergo the examination with a cut price or free ticket to a swimming pool or gym.
    Marit Kiljako suggested national men’s health day that would encourage men to turn to the doctor and discover health problems as early as possible.
  9. October 2009 – in cooperation with the Estonian Cancer Society, the charity concert "All You need is love" in the concert hall of the Estonian National Opera
  10. Elections of the Doctor of the Year 2009 – Doctor of the Year 2009 is Dr. Rein Viilu, neurosurgeon at Põhja-Eesti Regionaalhaigla (North Estonia Medical Center)