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Projects 2012

Activities of the Estonian Health Foundation in 2012

  1. Swimming lessons at the Nõmme swimming pool. Beginners’ swimming lessons for those who could not swim or had not had the opportunity to learn to swim properly. The courses began in 2010 and lasted throughout 2011 and the first half of 2012. More than 150 people learnt to swim during the lessons. The course was financed by the Gambling Tax Council and the Cultural Endowment. Swimming instructor Tõnu Meijel.
    Hasartmängumaksu Nõukogu   Eesti Kultuurkapital
  2. In 2012, the Estonian Health Foundation was a member of Technopolis, and participated in research and business projects.
  3. Spring 2012 – vaccination-related awareness campaign for the residents and online at www.arst.ee. Estonian Health Foundation recommends: Vaccination Protects against Illness.
  4. Spring 2012 – organising the Heart Day at Riigikogu. Health check for the members of Riigikogu and consultations in cooperation with the Tallinn Health Care College and the cardiology centre of the North Estonia Medical Centre.
  5. Summer-autumn – preparations for creating an Internet-based medical consultation module. Completed in December 2012.
  6. Autumn 2012 – a charity concert show at the Nokia Concert Hall for fighting cancer in cooperation with the Estonian Cancer Society.
  7. 27–29 September 2012 – the 9th European IUHPE Conference on Health Promotion Health and Quality of Life. Over 300 delegates from 32 countries participated.
    Health and Quality of Life
  8. Elections of the Doctor of the Year 2012. Dr. Ilmar Kaur, surgeon at the North Estonia Medical Centre, was named the Doctor of the Year 2012. The First Lady of Estonia Mrs. Evelin Ilves presented the prize in January 2013.
  9. December 2012 – proposals for the green papers on tobacco and alcohol policies in cooperation with the Estonian Medical Association, the World Health Promotion Association, and the Estonian Tobacco and Alcohol Control Coalition.