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Projects 2015

Activities of the Estonian Health Foundation in 2015.

  1. On 15 January 2015, launching of the project "Men into shape" (www.mehedvormi.ee). Activities of the project in February, March, April and May 2015.
    Supporters: The Council of Gambling Tax, Ministry of Defence, General Staff of the Defence Forces.
    Hasartmängumaksu Nõukogu
  2. Introducing Estonian Health Platform to the members of the Parliament of Estonia.
  3. Estonian Health Platform

    1. In order to align the health insurance with the needs of the revenue base, it is also necessary to make payments on behalf of pensioners, children and disabled.
    2. Free movement of patients has to apply not only within the European Union but also in Estonia. Money has to move with patients and people should be able to choose a health care institution of their preference.
    3. The state has to make efforts to keep people healthy. Fast treatment and healing of people who have fallen ill should become the priority in health care decisions. Prevention of illnesses should be systematic and financed on a scientific basis.
    4. Disabled persons and the families taking care of them must have an opportunity to lead a fulfilling life. Nobody can be excluded from social life because of their own or a family member’s special needs. It is necessary to determine the special needs and find personal solutions.
    5. Dignified livelihood and inclusion in social life for pensioners. To appreciate the contribution of the elderly, their part-time job should be exempt from (the social) tax.
    6. Raising, taking care of, and developing of children should be a priority, and no child should be raised in poverty in Estonia.
  4. 2 November 2016, a Fathers’ Day conference on the subject of men’s health, "Man, what are you needed for?"
  5. Election of the Doctor of the Year – Dr Peep Talving, Doctor of the Year 2015